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This Love Tie Bandana

This Love Tie Bandana


This Love bandana is a must for every dogs wardrobe! Make sure to find the matching scrunchie and add it to your bag to strut your stuff with your pup!


Here at kcpupco we strive to create a bandana you and your pup will adore. Each of our bandanas are made with love and stitched twice to ensure quality. Our top priority is your pet’s comfort and happiness, that’s why we choose high quality cotton and flannel to make our bandanas.


Each Bandana Is…
- Made with Cotton, Flannel, or Viscose
- Made with a Satin kcpupco Tag
- Stitched Twice
- Traditional Tie On Bandana

  • Care Instructions

    Care Instructions:
    Machine wash normal/cooler, tumble dry. Do not soak or bleach. Iron safe, use on cool setting.

  • Sizing

    Small: fits up to 14 inch neck
    ex. Dachshund, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog
    Medium: fits up to 18 inch neck
    ex. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi
    Large: fits up to 24 inch neck
    ex. Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd

    To figure out which size is best, grab measuring tape and measure your pup’s neck! (The examples listed above are just suggestions, I highly recommend still measuring your pup’s neck to be sure.)

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