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About Us

Doggie Dreams is a small business marketplace based out of Des Moines, Iowa that carefully curates the cutest dog goods to make your pup stand out! The majority of our products come from small batch creators that hand-make their goods meaning that your dog will stand out from all the others! In addition to our handmade dog goods, we also have unique dog goods and treats that you may not find other places!

Because we work with smaller brands we are constantly adding new brands and products so make sure to come back often or subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when we release new products.

Support Small Business


Moana and Alf are the two best friends in the whole world! They first met when they were little puppies. Alf stayed around 20 lbs and Moana grew up to the big girl she is today! This caused Moana to think she is a lap dog and Alf to believe he is a big scary pup. 


Moana loves to spend time in your arms giving kisses and getting cuddles. When she was with her litter, her name was Licker - and she never grew out of that!

 When Alf was a puppy he played fetch the first time meeting his mom and to this day he never lets a ball leave his side. Sometimes he will even fall asleep with a ball in his mouth.

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When you choose to shop with Doggie Dreams you are choosing to support local small businesses! Not only is Doggie Dreams a small business, but the majority of our brands are one or two person operations that hand-make their goods. This means that each purchase is not just another sale, but a way for our creators to continue doing what they love full time or become one step closer to making their passion full time.  

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