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My name is Alexis and these are my dogs Moana and Alf! Thanks for checking out Doggie Dreams and our family of brands! We are a small business (it's literally just me and my boyfriend) based out of Des Moines, Iowa that brings you all things dogs! 

Doggie Dreams
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Doggie Dreams online store is a place where handmade and unique dog leashes, bandanas, collars, and other dog goodies can be bought!


Doggie Dreams by Alexis
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Doggie Dreams by Alexis are the treats your doggie dreams of and the treats you'll smile giving to your dog. It all started with experimenting, thinking it sounds fun to bake for my dogs. After all, I thought it was the perfect way to practice since I didn't grow up with a mom or grandma teaching me how to navigate the kitchen. At the very least I could pinpoint what type of things my dogs did and didn't like.


One of the first recipes I really remember baking for my dogs, is a blueberry carob cake I made for Alf to celebrate his 3rd birthday! It was so cute and both Alf and Moana had what seemed to be the yummiest treat of their life!


As I started researching and baking more for the dogs, I realized with the little extra effort on my end my dogs could be eating much healthier treats. While human food can get recalled, I feel a lot better knowing exactly what went into their cookie and it being at the same standards as Id have for my own cookies, possibly even higher standards! If you look at the ingredients for your dogs go-to treats, do you know what each of they are and if it is really necessary? There were too many preservatives and other junk in Alf and Moana's treats, even the ones I got from BarkBox!


Researching what dogs can and cannot have is one of the most important steps in making your own dog treats. There are many things that humans can have but our dogs cant. It is also a good idea to check with your vet before giving them anything new they aren't use to.


Making things from scratch is a lot easier and fun to do! When I use things like oat flour - I grind the oats down myself for some freshly made flour! It is more difficult to do with things like coconut flour and oil, so some things still come from the store shelves.


My goal with Doggie Dreams by Alexis is to make the best tasting, minimal ingredient treats that dogs dream of, and owners can give guilt free.


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Doggie Dreams Sanctuary

What starts out as a pipe dream can always turn into a reality with enough determination, passion, and luck. That doesn't mean we should sit around and wait for things to happen.


Growing up, I always had a pack of dogs at a time. We lived out in the country so it was normal to have a few outside and a few inside dogs. We also had a family friend who bred dogs, so I was also able to see some of the ins and outs of dog businesses from an early age. As I got older, I found myself working at a dog facility that had daycare, boarding, training, and grooming. Having other friends in the dog industry let me see a sliver of how it was with rescues, fosters, and other dog facilities.


There was a lot I learned, both good and bad, of how I think a save haven for dogs should be like. There are many no-kill shelters out there, and some that still have to euthanize dogs. I am a firm believer that every dog should have a chance at their best life. That looks different for every dog out there. On the most basic level, there are dogs who love to run and exercise and others who would prefer to snooze all day.


While every dog who needs rescued, might not make the perfect family dog, it doesn't mean they don't deserve a place to call home. I have an idea, or more so a goal of what I plan Doggie Dreams Sanctuary to be.


Imagine this, a campsite that was once used to gather children for their summer time fun- but it is filled with dogs who get to do what they love everyday until they find their special place. For the dogs who don't get adopted out, I believe they still deserve to live their best lives, with wagging tails and tongues hanging out in joy.


I want to have a fully staffed dog facility on site that focuses on the dogs who are waiting for a family. That not only includes caregivers for the dogs, but trainers and veterinary care staff as well. While the vet and vet techs will care for our dogs in house, I also want to have a program where any dog adopted out can come back for wellness checks, vaccinations, and other vet services they may need. I think this is a great idea not only for the dogs who are at Doggie Dreams, but the dogs who come back for vet care will already be familiar with the person doing their exams, and the humans will know more about the dog as they saw them throughout their transformation. Doggie Dreams will be their first family, and a place they can always live safe and happily.


The dog caregivers will have the normal duties of taking out the dogs, feeding them, and cleaning up their rooms. In addition to that, I want to be able to find a place with trees and paths, or create our own doggie dreams forest where the dogs can take daily romps around the property or do agility training.


Even if a dog is deemed "unadoptable" I want to give them a home at Doggie Dreams. Whether it is an extra year of focused work, or the rest of their life working with the same people who have genuine love for the dogs can help them transform into the best version of their furry little selves!


The funding for rescues is always one of the biggest problems. While most rely on grants, it can cause many issues and even a force closure if one they rely on wasn't given to them. In addition to grants, Doggie Dreams and Doggie Dreams by Alexis will give 10% of all profits to Doggie Dreams Sanctuary. Creating content focused around the dogs is another way we are going to have funds for the sanctuary. With filming the dogs going on hikes, training agility, and doing individual training sessions there is so many any dog lover will enjoy and learn some new tricks from watching!






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